GEF-LME Workshops

Promoting Ecosystem-based Approaches to Fisheries Conservation and LME's

This project supports capacity building in developing countries and countries with economies in transition through the transfer of advanced methods, practices and tools for coastal nutrient management. Under this component of the project (Component Three - Eutrophication: Filling Gaps in Nitrogen Loading Forecasts for Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs)), scientists from developing countries and countries with economies in transition are being trained through the IOC Eutrophication Network in the methods and application of a nitrogen-based model used to forecast eutrophication conditions in coastal waters of selected LME's based on the use of the new and innovative Global NEWS Model. Experience is to be gained by participating scientists from developing countries and countries with economies in transition through participation over a 2-year period in two workshops to be held at IOC and inter-workshop scheduled activities through electronic communication of an IOC-UNESCO IT Eutrophication Network of participating scientists.

Nutrient Export Modeling Workshops

The two workshops are funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and are being organized by The Rutgers University Nutrient Export group. Individuals from seven LME regions are participating. An overall goal of the workshops is to provide training in the use and application of GIS-based, nutrient export models. These workshops will provide an opportunity for participants to learn to use river nutrient export models, apply them to their particular LME region, and to meet and exchange information with other workshop participants. Another result of the workshops will be a science-based summary for each participantís home-region, a 2 to 3 page document authored by each workshop participant.


Photo of Workgroup Participants
Left to right: Baerbel Mueller-Karulis, Sam Anurigwo, GVM Gupta,
George Wiafe, Lex Bouwman, Sybil Seitzinger (front row);
Egon Dumont, Sandor Mulsow, Anja van der Plas,
John Harrison, Jorge Herrera-Silveira, Daoming Guan (back row)
Photo courtesy GVM Gupta

Hosted by UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE Oostende, Belgium