IOC Training Course and Identification Qualification in Harmful Marine Microalgae including optional workshops on enumeration and culture techniques, 2017

6 - 19 August 2017, Copenhagen K, Denmark

Since 1993 the IOC has conducted training courses on harmful microalgae. The purpose has been to improve the taxonomic and identification skills of the participants for research purposes and for practical monitoring of harmful algal blooms. The course includes 100 hours of teaching and is divided into two parts.

1) The first part of the course is an internet teaching programme giving general introductions to the various groups of harmful algae; this part is mainly for self-study and estimated to 40 hours of reading.

2) The second part is a practical course in species identification including 2 optional workshops in enumeration and culture techniques (see tentative programme below). It may be possible to participate in both workshops, or alternatively spent the time examining mixed samples from various geographical regions and/or own samples. Part 2 includes 60 hours of teaching and a microscope will be available to each participant during the entire period.

Location IOC Science and Communication Centre on Harmful Algae, University of Copenhagen
University of Copenhagen, Department of Biology
Øster Farimagsgade 2D
DK-1353 Copenhagen K

Organisers & Staff

  Henrik OKSFELDT ENEVOLDSEN (contact for Applications for participation)


Santiago FRAGA

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Group(s): HAB
Label(s): Capacity Development training course , HAB training course , OceanTeacher training course
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